Delaware Valley Local Masters Swim Committee
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Delaware Valley Masters Swimming Committee

Article 1
  1. Objectives
    To promote and develop swimming for the benefit of swimmers of all abilities, age eighteen and over, in accordance with the standards and under the rules of United States Masters Swimming Inc. and of this local MASTERS SWIM COMMITTEE (LMSC).

  2. Name and Boundaries
    The name of this LMSC shall be the Delaware Valley Masters Swim Committee. Its boundaries shall include: the state of New Jersey south of Mercer and Ocean Counties. The state of Delaware. In the state of Maryland the county of Cecil. The commonwealth of Pennsylvania east of and including Potter, Clinton, Center, Huntingdon and Bedford counties.

Article 2
  • Membership shall consist of the following:
    1. Group Members:
      1. Those swimming clubs which are members of the LMSC and have registered swimmers.
      2. Each group member shall be entitled to appoint at least one representative to the LMSC Board of Directors. Additional representatives will be permitted based on one per 75 registered swimmers at the time of the Annual Meeting. Such appointment shall be in writing by the principal officer of that group and may be changed at any time by that officer. Up to two at-large representatives may also be named by the LMSC Chair to represent the unattached swimmers.

    2. Individual Members:
      Any individual member of the LMSC who holds a USMS registration card issued through the LMSC.

      Individual members shall have powers and duties:
      1. to elect officers
      2. to review/recall policy or programs established by the Board of Directors
      3. amend the LMSC by-laws

Article 3 - Officers
  • The officers of the LMSC shall consist of the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Only members of the LMSC are eligible to hold office.

  • Each officer shall serve for a term of two years, or until a successor is chosen, or unless re-elected to another term. The maximum number of terms an officer may serve in the same position is three.

  • The Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee with at least three members. Their nominations shall be distributed to the membership in writing with the notice of the annual meeting. Additional nominations from the floor will always be accepted, but such nominees must have indicated a willingness to serve.

  • Officers are elected by a majority of votes cast at the Annual Meeting.

Article 4 - Board of Directors
  • The Board of Directors shall include the Officers, the Chairs of standing committees, one or more club delegates and up to two at-large representatives.

  • The LMSC Board of Directors shall have the duty and powers to act for the LMSC and its members during the interval between membership meetings, except that it may not amend these by-laws. All such actions shall be subject to review/recall at the annual membership meeting. It shall:
    1. establish programs and policy
    2. call regular and special meetings of the Board of Directors
    3. call the annual membership meeting before November 15th of each year
    4. make interim appointments to the Board of Directors as replacements to fill vacancies
    5. appoint, before the end of July, two delegates to the USMS convention (three if the membership reaches 800) and to establish a stipend for them
    6. deliver such reports as USMS may require, including financial and annual meeting reports
    7. prepare an annual budget.

  • Duties
    1. The Chair shall be responsible for the day-to-day management of the business affairs of the LMSC, shall call general meetings and meetings of the Board of Directors as deemed necessary, shall preside at all meetings, shall appoint standing and special committees as necessary, shall appoint USMS convention delegates, all with the advice and consent of the Board of Directors. The Chair shall monitor the activities of the elected directors, offering guidance and support. The Chair shall communicate with the LMSC Group members (clubs) and thereby act as an information conduit between USMS and the LMSC's group and individual members.
    2. The Vice Chair shall have the duties and powers of the Chair in the absence of the Chair, and shall otherwise give support and advice to the Chair.
    3. The Secretary shall take minutes at all LMSC meetings and maintain all LMSC records. The minutes from general meetings shall be communicated to the LMSC Chair, the membership and USMS as required.
    4. The Treasurer shall be responsible for preparing the annual budget for review and approval by the Chair and the Board of Directors, shall receive all monies and pay all bills approved by the Chair, shall maintain all financial records, and shall make timely reports to the Directors and the membership.
    5. The Registrar shall register all members, recording name, USMS #, date of birth, address and telephone number (e-mail address) and report this information to the member clubs and to USMS.
    6. The Top Ten Recorder shall record all swims by LMSC members in sanctioned and recognized meets, preparing a tabulation of such swims for LMSC members, and report to USMS as they require.
    7. The Sanctions Chair shall ensure that USMS Swimming meets within the LMSC are conducted in accordance with USMS regulations, issuing "recognized" or "sanctioned" status, as appropriate; he shall process applications for meet and event sanctions, develop and schedule the year's meet program, avoiding conflicts with other meets within the LMSC.
    8. The Officials Chair shall govern the training and registration of USMS officials and ensure that appropriate officials function at swim meets in the LMSC.
    9. The Fitness Chair shall plan and encourage fitness events and involvement by all LMSC members, no matter what their swimming ability.
    10. The Long Distance Chair shall monitor, run and report on the long distance activities in the LMSC.
    11. The Newsletter/Lane Line Chair shall edit the LMSC newsletter, seeking to report on the swimming activities of the LMSC members, meet and meeting information, and articles of interest to the membership, at least three times per year.
    12. The Coaches Chair shall work with other coaches to develop programs that will enhance the quality of Masters swimming programs and their coaches.
    13. The Website Chair shall maintain the website, communicate with the Chair, Sanctions Chair and Lane Line Chair, updating web information as needed.

  • All Officers and Chairs of committees shall make every effort to promote and support activities and events that will attract and recruit new members and encourage ongoing participation by present members.

  • Meetings of the Board of Directors
    • Special meetings of the Board shall be called at any time upon the request of any three members of the Board of Directors, provided the Chair or Vice Chair has not called a regular or membership meeting. Notice shall be given to each Board member at least 14 days in advance in writing or by e-mail. A quorum of the Board shall consist of a majority of the Officers and the Chairs.

Article 5 - Membership Meetings
  1. The annual meeting of the membership shall be held no later than November 15th of each year. The term of any newly-elected officer shall commence on a date agreed to by the outgoing and incoming officers, but not later than 2 weeks after election.
  2. Special meetings may be called at any time upon the request of any three members of the Board of Directors, provided the Chair or Vice Chair have not called a regular or membership meeting.
  3. Notice of an annual, or special membership meeting must be given in writing to each Director and the officer of each club, via the LMSC newsletter and on the LMSC website ( at least 90 days before the meeting. Agenda, date, time and place must be given 30 days before the meeting is to be held.
  4. At all meetings, the order of business shall be:
    1. Roll call
    2. Adoption of minutes from the prior meeting
    3. Adoption of the Treasurer's report
    4. Reports, as necessary, from Officers, Committees and Member Clubs
    5. Elections, when needed/scheduled
    6. Old business
    7. New business
    8. Resolutions and orders
    9. Adjournment
  5. A quorum at all meetings shall consist of those present and eligible to vote.
  6. Roberts Rules of Order shall govern procedures.

Article 6
  • The rules and conditions of any sanctioned or recognized swimming meet within the LMSC shall be those established by USMS, with such LMSC additions that are not contrary to USMS. Such cooperative arrangements with US Swimming and YMCA as have been agreed to between those bodies and USMS may be employed.

Article 7
  • Dues and fees:
    • Each member, whether directly to the LMSC or through a member swimming organization, shall pay an annual fee to the Registrar in an amount established annually by the LMSC and USMS. The Registrar shall send an annual membership card directly to that member.

Article 8
  • Reports and Remittance
    • An audit of the LMSC bank account shall be performed each year prior to the Annual Meeting by a committee appointed by the LMSC Chair.

    • The LMSC Secretary shall forward to the Executive Secretary of USMS a copy of the annual audit of the LMSC and a complete report of the Annual Meeting of the LMSC within 60 days following the Annual meeting.

    • The Registrar shall forward, each month, to the USMS Registrar, and to the LMSC Chair, a report listing all individual and groupmembers who have joined in the past month, including appropriate fees. By March 15th of each year and again at the Annual Meeting, the Registrar shall provide to the official representative of each club a report of its registered swimmers.

Article 9
  • Hearings, Appeals, Athletes' Rights
    • The LMSC, in accordance with the rules of USMS, shall respect and protect the right of every eligible individual to participate as an athlete, coach, trainer, manager, administrator, or other official in any Masters swimming activity as long as such activity is conducted in compliance with LMSC and USMS requirements.

    • The Board of Directors shall, if necessary, appoint a Review Section with no fewer than 5 members, whose Chair shall be elected by its members. A majority shall be 50% of its membership, but no less than 3. It may conduct hearings involving only LMSC members and within the LMSC boundaries. A decision by the Board of Review shall be subject to an appeal to the LMSC Board of Directors, and thence to the USMS national Board of Review.

  • Privacy Statement
    • At no time shall the list of LMSC-registered swimmers be made available to outside groups for purposes of marketing.

Article 10
  • Miscellaneous
    • The permanent mailing address of the LMSC Chair shall be that of the Chair, who will notify the USMS Executive Secretary in writing. Any change must be sent to the Executive Secretary immediately.

  • Mail vote:
    • Any action which may be taken at any regular or special meeting of the Board of Directors may be taken by mail or e-mail, unless a majority of the Directors indicate that a meeting would be preferable. Every Director shall be sent a written ballot by mail or e-mail, with a reasonable deadline for its return. Approval requires a majority of the votes cast.

  • Dissolution
    • Upon dissolution, the net assets of the DVMSC will be distributed to United States Masters Swimming Foundation. If the Foundation is not then in existence or is not then an exempt corporation under Section 501.3 of the Internal Revenue Code, such assets shall be distributed to the International Swimming Hall of Fame or a corporation that is exempt under IRS Sections 170.2, 2055(a)(2) and 2522(a)(2) to be used exclusively for educational and charitable purposes.

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