Delaware Valley Local Masters Swim Committee

Delaware Valley Masters Swimming Awards

David Harrison
Outstanding Male Swimmer

2017: Jeremy Gross
2016: Steve Hiltabiddle
2015: James Thornton
Jeanne Merryman
Outstanding Female Swimmer

2017: Vibeke Swanson
2016: Laurie Hug
2015: Cecilia McCloskey

Henry "Barney" Hungerford
Outstanding Open Water
/Long Distance Swimmer

2017: Anne Cappola
2016: Heather Mohorn
2015: Laurie Hug

Stephanie Walsh Beilman
Outstanding LMSC Volunteer Award

2017: Laurie Hug 2016: Art Mayer
2015: Stephanie Walsh Beliman

Lifetime Swimming Achievment

2017: Stephanie Walsh Beilman
2016: Joan Waldbaum

Delaware Valley LMSC Championships
Year 1st Place2nd Place3rd Place
2017Colonials 1776Spring Valley MastersFINS
2016Spring Valley MastersColonials 1776FINS

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